Managing Your Kid's Busy Schedules with 'The Who Has The Kids' App | Review

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Let's face it, sometimes it seems like our kid's schedule are just as busy if not busier than our own. Between school, after school activities, sports, playdates, doctor appointments and more, your child's schedule (and yours) quickly gets filled up and quite can sometimes be hard to keep up with, especially if you're not exactly the most organized person. We recently were introduced to an app that really is made to make your life easier, by helping you organize your child's busy schedule with reminders, an easy to read/use calendar and it even allows you to customize the app with your children's names and caregivers, so you can remember who is dropping off and picking up whichever child to each appointment. Who Has The Kids is an easy to use family organizer app that really is made to help make your life and schedule-making easier.

How To Look Beautiful Without Wearing Makeup

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You don’t have to wear a lot of makeup to look beautiful. In fact, too much of it can cover up your natural features and actually make you less attractive! Some women may feel naked not wearing their everyday makeup, but there are some tricks to not using any and still looking fabulous.

Homemade Chocolate Cake with WOWButter Icing | Recipe

This chocolate cake recipe has been in my family for as long as I can remember. Growing up, we always made it with peanut butter icing, but since having my daughter and learning about her peanut allergy, we now use WOWButter which peanut-free soy butter. This moist chocolate cake with WOWButter, tastes almost exactly like peanut butter but is completely peanut free and safe for those with peanut allergies.

Dream & Play Big with Flipsies by VTech! | Review + A Giveaway

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Do you have a little one that likes to pretend to be a doctor, princess, or teacher when they're playing? My daughter loves to play doctor, veterinary doctor, baker and mermaid all the time! While becoming a mermaid is not realistic (ha ha), it is important for me to teach my daughter she can be whatever she wants to be when she grows up. She says she wants to be an "ER doctor, a baby doctor and an animal doctor". WOW, that's a lot of schooling haha. But seriously, I love encouraging her and telling her she can absolutely be a doctor when she grows up. 

AllergMates-- Allergy Friendly Goodie Boxes & Accessories | Review

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As you may know, my 7 year old daughter has a severe peanut allergy. It's pretty severe to the point that it's airborne, so my husband and I are constantly taking extra precautions to keeping her safe, as well as the environment she is in. Sometimes it can be hard for kids to understand their allergy and the severity of it, which is why we love AllerMates and their mission! 

Sonäge: Natural Skincare Products for All Skin Types | Review

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When it comes to taking care of my skin, I'm always looking for the best beauty products that are going to help moisturize, rejuvenate and provide healing, especially to my face and hands. As the Fall and Winter months draw near, I'm not looking forward to having dry skin. Both my hands and face suffer from dry skin and at times it can be really embarrassing. What's more, as I've become older I've developed adult acne-- what's with that? As a teenage I never struggled with acne and now that I'm in my late 20's that's all I'm worrying about and dealing with! I recently was introduced to Sonäge, who happens to provide professionals their formulas and products for over 20 years now, and now they're available to the general public! Sonäge sent me some products to put to the test, to see if they really can help me clear up my skin, provide moisture and also help with the extra oil in my skin. Before I tell you about my results and what I think of the products I was sent, read more below to familiarize yourself with Sonäge.

Back-to-School BLINQ Giveaway!

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Welcome to the Back-to-School BLINQ Giveaway
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