Swaive-- The World's Most Intelligent Ear Thermometer | Review

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When our little ones get sick and spike a fever, it can sometimes be difficult taking their temperature. Whether you're trying to stick a thermometer under their armpit or tongue, most children (especially ones who are younger) do not want to sit for a minute (or longer) with a thermometer in their mouth or under their armpit. What about trying to remember exact temperatures and the times you took them? I know this can sometime be hard for me. Let's face it, when your child, spouse or even you yourself get sick, you want quick and easy temperature reads and an easy way to remember the temps and times you took them. With Swaive's ear thermometer you get just that-- convenience and simplicity at it's finest.

Send Your Child Back-To-School with a Stylish Hanna Andersson Backpack & Lunch Bag {Giveaway} | #off2school

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Welcome to the 3rd Annual "Off to School We Go!" Giveaway Hop hosted by Mommy's Favorite Things and Mama's Baby Cupcakes. This hop is focused on items you'd want/need for your children to get ready for school! Each blog has a minimum prize package of $25 per winner and after visiting my giveaway, make sure you use the linky below to take a look at the other blogs to see what they have to offer for you!

Keep Your Cool For Back To School | Giveaway Event

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Back to school season is upon us, can you believe it?! This summer is just flying by! We're excited to help bring this giveaway to our readers. Good luck to all who enter!

OzEssay-- A Top Notch Writing Assistance Service

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OZessay is a professional writing service that helps students with their academic careers, such as writing an essay, in Australia. They have proven to be a top notch writing assistance service in its industry since 2005. OZessay has assisted numerous students in their academic careers, helping them get that much further in their schooling. They have expert writers (who at least each have a masters degree) on hand ready to help students with their writing, and also are known to have excellent customer service. OZessay is a company that is dedicated and committed to helping meet their customers needs, and have proven so time and time again, successfully.

The versatile 8-in-1 Leg&Go children's bike

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Don't you just love baby and kids products that can be used year after year and that grow with your child? We recently were introduced to a unique bike, that can be used in 8 different ways-- rocking elephant, baby bike, balance bike, comfort bike, downhill bike, pedal bike, tricycle, and polar bike! The Leg&Go children's bike can be used from ages 8 months to 6 years and truly does grow with your child so you only have to buy one product, instead of 8-- what a great investment!

Mama's Homemade Lasagne | #Recipe

This recipe is the one I grew up with. My mom made it for me every year on my birthday, and occasionally when requested in the Fall and Winter time. It's so delicious and very simple to make!

7 Easy Cleaning Tasks for Your Young Child

Ever since I can remember, both of my kids have always loved helping me clean. There are some times where I don't want their help, ha ha, but you know what I mean-- I just want to quickly and thoroughly clean something on my own. Cleaning to me, is almost therapeutic. Call me crazy, but I find it calming and relaxing to clean. Maybe it's because it gives me a little alone time and I can actually hear my own thoughts? Also, I'm one of those women when I get irritated or mad, I go clean, ha ha seriously-- it calms me down! While I like to do cleaning tasks on my own, I also know it's important to allow my kids to help me, and to teach them how to clean and how to do it the right way the first time. It teaches them responsibility AND when they finish cleaning tasks, they'll feel accomplishment and will be proud of themselves. Plus, it also helps mom around the house, and we can all use a little extra help, right?!