Personalized Wooden Toy Boxes from | Review

Disclosure: I received a toy box from at no cost to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own and were not influenced. 

If you have been a follower of Housewife on a Mission, even for a small amount of time, you'll know how much we adore and love personalized items. I was recently introduced to where they make custom made, personalized all-wood toy boxes and I of course fell in love with their products. One of the first things I noticed when browsing their website was their "Design Your Toy Box" tool. Intrigued, I clicked to get started to design my own toy box and loved how easy the tool was to use! so graciously sent me a beautiful espresso toy box to facilitate this review, and I'm so excited to share my thoughts with you. First, read a little more about how you can personalize your very own toy box or toy chest at, and how easy it is!

Personalizing at Wood (adapted from their website):
Adding a personalized name is the ultimate in creating a classic wooden toybox. Wood offers both laser engraved toyboxes, and toy chests with solid maple wooden lettering. There are many styles of lettering and designs to make your toy box truly special and unique. Whichever wooden toybox you choose, it will surely add a touch of class to your home.
Wood's handcrafted, laser engraved toyboxes will look stunning in any child's bedroom, but also works wonderfully in the family room or living room. Strong hardwood styles, including birch and oak are as durable as they are beautiful. Their laser engraved personalization will make the customized look you want for your wooden toy box.

Like I mentioned, using the tool is easy! First, you select the wood color you would like (oak, espresso, bamboo or cherry). Next, you select if you desire to place a name or monogram on the toy box, followed by typing in the name or initials. Last step, select the font you want-- I personally love Edwardian! 4 easy steps and you will have a personalized toy box that will mean the world to both your child/grandchild and you! 

For my toy box, I decided to go with the espresso color and to have each of my children's name displayed on it. I knew the espresso color would look great in our living room with our dark furnished furniture, and even more specifically, I knew the toy box would great right at our large double living room windows. 

When our toy box arrived, I was happy to see the pegs were already installed in the boards, which meant an easier and quicker assembly for me. All of the pieces were labeled with letters and the directions were very clear (yay for directions you can actually understand!). Within about 25 minutes I was able to put the toy box together all by myself, all by hand-- no power drill. If I would have had a power drill, the last couple of steps of attaching the lid would have gone quicker knocking down the time of building the toy box. Regardless, I thought the time it took me to put the toy box together was rather quick.  

I cannot tell you enough of how impressed I was with assembling this toy box together. In the last couple of months, my husband and I have have assembled a fireplace and a bookcase, both of which were very hard to put together-- the fireplace took us over 2 1/2 hours to assemble. I love that this toy box was not only easy to put together, but I didn't make any mistakes along the way nor had to back track a step or two because I didn't understand a certain step (tell me you all have been there!).

Once the toy box was fully put together, I was able to step back and really take pride in what I just put together and more importantly take pride in what is now beautifully displaying in my living room. To me, it's more than just a toy a box, it's a gorgeous piece of furniture-- we've even had family and friends visiting tell us so!

As I mentioned before, I decided to have my children's names engraved on the front. I chose edwardian lettering, because I'm obsessed with this font in particular-- isn't it gorgeous? The gold lettering accenting on the espresso just pops out; it's so eye catching! 

I'm in love with the overall look of this toy box and really can appreciate it has a whole since it is made of 100% wood. I know this will last a lifetime, and that my husband and I will cherish this toy box forever. Even when our kids are grown and out of the house, we can store their favorite childhood toys, blankets and books in here for their future children to play with when they come and visit grandma and grandpa.

Two things that are important to me as a mom that I wanted to point out. First, when the lid is fully shut, there is a about a 3/4 inch of room/space so no fingers will get smashed! Another great lid-safety feature are the safety lid supports. They are very strong, to the point where they will keep the lid all the way open at a 90 degree angle, 45 degree angle, or any angle you open the lid to and it will not fall down until you close the lid. This is important because then the lid will not fall on your child's head! I was so thrilled to see how strong the hinges were and really really love that my kids can play and not have to worry about them getting hurt fingers or heads. 

Second, this toy box is huge and can fit all of my kids toys. I have had a couple toy boxes for my kids and they always seem to be so tiny and made of....well junk. The outside dimensions of this toy box are 41"L x 21"W x 20"H and the inside dimensions are 36"L x 18 1/2"W x 17"H. The picture above doesn't do it justice of showing you how big the inside is, but the picture below shows you our rather large cat lounging on top, just to give you an idea! My point in case, the space inside is super nice and I'm sure you won't be disappointed with it!

Overall, we are very happy with our new toy box and definitely recommend this product. Whether you are looking for a toy box, hope chest or even a wedding would be so neat to gift one to a bride and groom with their monogram on it!  It's all the more special to us because of its personalization, wouldn't you love to have one for your child(ren) or grandchild(ren)?

Head on over to today and start designing your very own toy box!

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Bobbi-Toads Shoes with Toes you can Paint | Guest Review + A Coupon

Disclosure: Jessica from IHeart-Motherhood received the following items mentioned in this post at no cost to facilitate her review. All opinions are her own.

As a little girl I loved painting my nails. I remember times when my Mom and I would do them together, and now my daughter and I spend time painting our nails and we both have such a great time everytime! Well, now that winter has arrived, we had to say good-bye to flip flop season, but thanks to Bobbi-Toads, my daughter will now be painting her shoes!

Bobbi-Toads is unlike any shoe I've ever seen or heard of. These unique shoes are designed specifically for girls, and they allow you to paint and re-paint the toes! All of the shoe designs at Bobbi-Toads are fun, colorful and are currently available in sizes 11 through 6! 

You will also find Bobbi-Polish at Bobbi-Toads. These polishes are available in a variety of colors that compliment the shoes. They are natural, eco-friendly and non-toxic. They are safe to use on Bobbi-Toads shoes as well as your little ones nails!

I decided on the retro design, Hillary shoes from Bobbi-Toads for Little Sister C. I knew she would love the purple all over and she's been practicing on how to tie her shoes, so I knew these would be perfect for her!

Right out of the box, these shoes are so adorable-- they are bright, fun and my daughter quickly noticed that the shoes had "toes"! She was excited to find out that we would be painting her shoes with Forest Dew and Seashore Blue Bobbi-Polish!

My daughter couldn't wait to get started painting on her new Bobbi-Toads, so together we sat down and painted her toes on her shoes. She wanted to alternate colors-- it was super easy to do, then once the polish was dry, she slipped her shoes on and that was it! 

When you're ready for a new Bobbi-Polish color, just use the non-toxic nail polish remover to remove the old polish, then add a new color whenever your ready! 

Bobbi-Toads shoes and polish are fun, easy and I know my daughter's shoes will be the talk of the class when she returns from Thanksgiving break! She is so excited to show all of her friends her new shoes and newly painted toes!

Isn't she adorable? What do you think about Bobbi-Toads? 

 photo jessicasig_zpsb8807290.jpg

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Buy it: The Hillary shoes featured above can be purchased online at Bobbi-Toads for $49.95! Use code HEART for 30% off & free shipping until 12/31!

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Preparing for My Perfect Apple Pie for Thanksgiving | #IntelTablets

#spon: I'm required to disclose a relationship between our site and Intel. This could include the Intel Corporation providing us w/content, product, access or other forms of payment.

I cannot believe that it is already Thanksgiving! This year has really just flown by! Anyway, this time of year is my absolute favorite, so I'm trying to savor it all the more. I love the Fall weather, the changing of the color of leaves, watching football, and Thanksgiving!! This year, my family and I are going to my in-laws house for Thanksgiving and I am in charge of bringing my apple crumb pie, baked vegetable medley and wine! While I always stick to the same recipe for my "Perfect Apple Pie", I decided to change it up this year with different apples. Why? I have no idea, but now I feel that I need to find a back-up recipe to see if I should use the same amount of sugar since I am now using Granny Smith apples instead of McIntosh apples.

Thankfully I have my handy ASUS Memo Pad 8 which happens to be one of the many awesome Intel Tablets out there! On my Intel Tablet I have been browsing around on Pinterest and I have found more than several recipes that use about the same amount of sugar I normally use, so I do feel confident that my pie will turn out great and not too sour! I do have this apple pie recipe under my Family Recipes tab at the top of of my webpage, but I'll be sure to take pictures with my tablet while making my pie tomorrow along the way to share with all of you! I'm so excited to bake my pie and vegetable medley tomorrow and my daughter can't wait to help me! We love jamming to Pandora (playing from my tablet of course) while baking/cooking so I cannot wait to create more memories with her tomorrow!

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VTech Innotab Learning Cartridges for Toddlers & Preschoolers | Review + A Giveaway

Disclosure: The VTech product, gift card, information, and additional gift pack have been provided by VTech at no cost. All opinions are my own.

As you may remember, we very recently reviewed an Innotab 3 Plus learning tablet by VTech, and also gave away one to one of our readers. I'm happy to say that we now are going to feature and give away three of VTech's newest learning cartridges!  

Parents can extend the play value of their VTech toys by purchasing new Learning Cartridges for InnoTab Learning Tablets. A range of educational cartridges are available, offering age-appropriate games, e-Books and more that allow children to progressively learn key subjects such as math, reading and science in steady stages. Interactive e-Books teach reading and vocabulary, while creative activities and camera fun inspire children’s imaginations. The cartridges are compatible with all current InnoTab models except the new InnoTab MAX-- its fastest Wi-Fi tablet yet and its first to feature Android™ learning content.

To review with our Innotab 3 Plus, we were sent thDisney Winnie the Pooh Learning Cartridge, My First Nursery Rhymes Learning Cartridge and the Classic Stories Learning Cartridge! 

Disney Winnie the Pooh Learning Cartridge:
(Ages 12-36 months; MSRP: $24.99)

- Winnie the Pooh is always hungry for honey in Winnie the Pooh for VTech's InnoTab Learning Tablets. Help him find his honeypot and learn shapes, colors, opposites and more along the way. Includes fun songs and baby sign language with Roo and Piglet!

- This InnoTab Learning Cartridge features an e-Book about Pooh and his great day bouncing with Tigger and friends, four sing-along songs with familiar melodies about Winnie the Pooh and friends, and a Music Box plays four sing-along songs in a loop for up to 30 minutes.

This learning cartridge is by far my son's favorite! He absolutely loves playing with Winnie the Pooh and the games on this cartridge, and I have to say as a mom I love to watch him play. He has learned all of his colors the past couple of weeks, and is really starting to catch on to recognizing and learning his shapes as well! I just am so amazed at how fast he is learning and really love that he is having fun learning while playing. I also like that this learning cartridge teaches baby sign language. 

My First Nursery Rhymes Learning Cartridge:
(Ages 12-36 months; MSRP: $24.99)

- Join Cody and Cora on a musical adventure in My First Nursery Rhymes for VTech's InnoTab Learning Tablets! Listen to nursery rhyme songs, play mini learning games, watch playful animations and learn baby sign language.

- This InnoTab Learning Cartridge includes 25 popular nursery rhymes, mini games, introduces five baby sign language signs and allows you to customizable parent settings.

- In lullaby mode, you can set the timer for 15 minutes and play a loop of 5 sleepytime songs to soothe your child to sleep. You can also customize characters and create an avatar that interacts within the songs.

My son loves music, so he of course loves this learning cartridge! Before bedtime to calm him down, I'll let him sit down and listen to his nursery rhymes and he loves it. This learning cartridge also teaches baby sign language which so neat. There are 25 popular nursery rhymes that you will recognize and that your child will learn. Music is so simulating to young minds, so I definitely love when my son wants to listen to his music

Classic Stories Learning Cartridge:
(Ages 3-6 years; MSRP: $24.99)

- In Classic Stories for VTech’s InnoTab Learning Tablets, children can read three classic stories: The Frog Prince, Pinocchio and The Three Little Pigs, each with three different reading levels.
- This InnoTab Learning Cartridge includes three learning games which introduce writing, rhyming, phonics, reading comprehension and more.
My daughter has taken more to this specific learning cartridge, it's more geared towards her age. She really loves stories, ever since she was a baby-- probably because I read and still read to her all the time! Her favorite story from this learning cartridge is the The Frog Prince. I do appreciate that there are three different reading levels and this also introduces writing, phonics, rhyming, and reading comprehension. This is great to give to pre-k kids and kids who are in kindergarten since these reading skills are introduced in kindergarten.

Overall, I think these learning cartridges are great to have for children and I'm so happy my kids can play with these games in their Innotab 3 Plus. Learning does not have to be a boring thing, and VTech has found yet again how to make kids smile and play while learning!

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