End of Week 2 Results on Nutrisystem! #NSNation #Sponosred

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It's the end of week two on Nutrisystem and I'm so happy with my results so far! This week has been much easier than the first week-- I was able to introduce Smart Carbs and Power Fuels to my diet (which I'll get into more detail below), and I was able to start eating some of the frozen meals I was sent. I can tell my stomach has shrank in size because I'm finding that I'm getting fuller faster and staying full until my next meal of the day. Some of you have asked me, am I really satisfied with how much food I'm eating and the answer is yes! Between my 3 meals, 1 snack, 1 shake, 4 servings of veggies, power fuels & smart carbs, I really am eating enough. Some days I don't even eat all of my power fuels or smart carbs because of not being extra hungry.

Valentine's Day Gifts for the Queen of the Castle | Personalization Mall

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Can you believe Valentine's Day is just around the corner? Well it is, so do you know what you want to gift that special woman in your life? What if you are that special woman and want to drop a few hints to your man, but need help thinking of special and unique gifts that you will love? Well, we're here to help! Instead of gifting the usual roses that die within a few days, or the chocolates that will only make you feel guilty, try giving a personalized gift that will mean all the more to your woman! This Valentine's Day, remind "her" that you cherish every little thing she does! Below is a gift guide of unique and special Queen of the Castle Valentine's Day gifts, that you can purchase at Personalization Mall.

She's the master of her own domain, and you know she takes pride in every little aspect of your home. So this year, shower her with Queen of the Castle Valentine's Day gifts! Each one of Personalization Mall's Valentine's Day gift ideas is a way to show how much she truly means to you.

With the ability to customize your gift with unique messages and photos, your special someone will know you put in the extra thought and effort that she deserves!

EcoWasher ELITE Giveaway!

Hosted by: Easy Green Mom and Sponsored by: EcoWasher

Wouldn't you love to never buy laundry detergent again?  With EcoWasher environmentally friendly appliance you can and it's designed to work with your existing washing machine.  
Amber from Easy Green Mom recently gave EcoWasher a try and is very pleased with her EcoWasher Elite!  You can read her review HERE. 

Elegant & Beautiful Pearl Jewelry from Laguna Pearl | Review

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Do you love wearing pearls? I personally do for a couple different reasons. For one, they are so elegant looking and I just love how they look on a lady. Second, my first name "Megan" means pearl so I have always had a connection with and love for pearls. I recently was reached out by Laguna Pearl to review one of their beautiful pearl necklaces and I couldn't wait to receive one and to show it off!

About Laguna Pearl:
We send our specialists all over the world to hand pick the finest the pearl farms have to offer. Importing thousands of pearls per month, we purchase pearls at a fraction of the cost offered to retailers and we pass those savings directly on to you! Additionally, being an online store, we don't have the same overhead costs of retail stores and that equates to more savings for you. The bottom line is that we can offer you the best pearls at the best prices (adapted from lagunapearl.com)!

5 Tips to Organize Your Playroom

This is a guest post from Larisha of We're Parents!?

The holiday season has officially came to an end and you have hopefully started or finished taking down your Christmas decorations.  However, if you were anything like us in the past year, this only leads to one HUGE glaring issue.  What in the world are you going to do with all these toys!?

Toy room organization has always been a difficult task for me and I just couldn’t seem to get it together.  That is, until the beginning of this year, when I was just run down, tired of stepping on toys, and realized that we desperately needed a different solution than what we currently had going on in our toddler’s playroom. I thought we had a good system before, but after the holidays, it was clear that nothing was currently working.  Here’s the 5 steps we took to optimal toy room organization.

$200 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway Courtesy of Pregknowsis.com

As a mom of two children, I remember both pregnancies pretty well, my first pregnancy I was very young & had a ton of questions & would of appreciated more advice. The second pregnancy seemed a little easier but I would of loved to of had access to a website like Pregknowsis.com

Pregknowsis.com is the perfect website for mom's or women looking for information on trying to conceive, pregnancy & early parenthood. Pregknowsis is built by you, the community, you develop, post, answer poll questions & more! The answers & data are from you & other moms like you, Pregknowsis analyze's the answers & makes it all meaningful for you!

Sharing, Updating and Creating Ever-Lasting Memories of Your Child’s Life Story with the Remini App | Review

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Having two little ones means double things to keep up with such as art work, doctor appointments, the list goes on and on. Sometimes it can be overwhelming keeping up with everything and I love when I come across apps that help me organize my life just a little bit more. 

I am a visual person-- I like to document things, take photos, display important events, pictures and so on. Same goes when it comes to my children, I enjoy remembering their first step with a photo or video, saving that first piece of art work that made the fridge, but I can't always be with my children and I don't want to miss out on any of life's special moments!