Let's Eat & Be Messy with Munchkin (Day 22)

Its day 22 of our Let's Eat & Be Messy! event
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...and we're getting messy with Munchkin, again!

The Munchkin Mission Statement:
 To rid the world of tired and mundane products by developing clever, innovative solutions that excite and delight families -- making parenting safer, easier and more fun. Munchkin knows it’s the little things® that often make the biggest difference.

For my review, I was sent the Fresh Food Freezer Cups, the Easy Squeezy Spoon, and the Fresh Food Feeder.  When you're starting solids, there are a few things that you will need whether making your own purees or buying premade.  Making your own requires products for preparing and storing as well, but Munchkin has you covered no matter which choice you make for your child.

The Fresh Food Freezer Cups are a must-have if you puree your own baby food.  At 4 oz, they are perfectly proportioned for a full day supply when you first start out with solids and for a meal when your child is older.  The ability to grow with your child as they begin to desire larger portions saves you money and eliminates excess baby products taking up space.  With easy to read markings on the sides of each cup, you can fill as much as you need to tame your child's hungry tummy.  In the beginning, I liked filling to four ounces and taking a whole cup out of the freezer to defrost or put in the refrigerator I knew Buddy Doo would devour it all before the day was over, so I was able to serve directly from the cup...saving me time with dishes!  Each cup is made of durable, food-safe, freezer-safe, and microwave safe silicone so you can be assured your purees won't fall victim to freezer burn.  The silicone is very thick, so I recommend heating in the microwave followed by thoroughly stirring and testing the warmth yourself.  We tried both a food warmer and setting in boiling water, but because the silicone was so thick (which trust me, you want.  When you start freezing your purees you want them to be protected!  Purees can last up to three months in a freezer...lots of time for freezer burn to set in otherwise) neither heated the cups much at all.  The four cups nest in a tray so you can neatly organize in the freezer or refrigerator (plus you can keep track of which you need to use next, leading to less waste!).  The lids are color-coded so you can have green for veggies (like we do) and blue for fruit.  If you purchase more than one set, you can also interlock the trays for even more storage!  The Fresh Food Freezer cups are just one of the steps in the Munchkin's new Fresh Baby Food System, so be sure to check the rest out and discover everything you need to prepare healthy and homemade baby food.

The Easy Squeezy Spoon is great for on-the-go when you don't want to dig around for a spoon attachment to your pouch.  It holds 4 oz of baby food (I found I could fit an ounce or two more easily though) which is approximately one jar of baby food.  It comes with a cap to keep the spoon sanitized and germ-free so you can just fill, toss, and go!  The spoon itself locks to prevent food from spilling, but this part can be difficult to detach for cleaning.  Although our bottle brush fit inside without a problem for cleaning by hand, it is top rack dishwasher safe if you are in a hurry and want to just toss it in with your regular load of dishes.  Its also odor resistant so you won't have to worry about yesterday's peaches smell lingering in today's peas!

I did find that feeding was a little difficult at first because of suction, but as with most things there's a little bit of a learning curve.  Too much food will prevent the spoon from having enough space to 'fill' back up so you can squeeze food back out, but too little food will make it difficult to squeeze out at all.

I love and hate the Fresh Food Feeder.  I love that this award-winning product allows Buddy Doo to enjoy all of the foods he's curious about without the risk, but I hate how difficult it is to clean afterwards.  I have yet to find THE way to get them completely clean no matter what food I put inside, so for now we're just experimenting.  Every morning we enjoy a banana together for breakfast.  Before, I would let him nom on the banana with me and never had a problem.  However, this worried me so I was excited to receive the fresh food feeder to review.  The fresh food feeder let's Buddy Doo nom on all of the nutritional goodness he can stick in his mouth, but without the choking hazard.  Its so easy to fill the mesh bag with blueberries, bell pepper, or any other fruit, vegetables, and meat and simply snap shut.  The snap is secure so you know their curious fingers won't unlock it.  Only the tiniest and digestible pieces can squeeze through, so now they can enjoy the taste of larger foods without the dangers.  The handle not only has cute stars on it for appeal, but the stars also  provide texture so it is easy to grab for your little one.  They are available in convenient packs with 1 or 2 feeders and are ideal for 6+ months!

Munchkin has products for every stage of your baby and toddler's life.  From baby gates to starting solids, from nursery essentials to bath time, Munchkin provides affordable products.  We already have one of their baby gates but will soon need another for the top of our stairs, and I've personally been eying there food pouch organizer and fresh food freezer trays!

Buy it:  You can purchase the items mentioned above as well as other necessities to start your child on solids at their website here.

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  1. oh very cool!!! I wish things like this were around when I had my oldest and made his baby food. All I had back then was that meshy thing and he didn't like bananas (weird kid, right?). I have a 4 month old that will start solids soon so I'll have to check it out!!

    stopping in from the more than mommies mixer and following :)

    The 5th Level of Motherhood

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