Let's Eat & Be Messy with Seventh Generation ~ Bath Set (Day 25)

Its Day 25 of our Let's Eat & Be Messy! event

and after getting messy we're cleaning up with Seventh Generation!

Seventh Generation knows nature got it right. That's why they aspire to designs products from plants, not petroleum, from fields not factories.

Each product in the baby bathtime collection and baby skincare collection is made with extra virgin olive oil to intensely moisturize.  On the back of every bottle you'll see that their ingredients are 'as natural as your love.  Made with 95% plant-based ingredients that absorb quickly to moisturize baby's tender skin'.  Seventh Generation products are the ideal products for the Wee Generation!

For my review, I was sent the Baby Bathtime and Baby Skin Care collections.  I was thrilled to receive these two collections because I am a big advocate on all-natural baby care products. What a lot of people are unaware of is that a very popular baby care brand (Johnson & Johnson) is currently being protested by thousands of parents and consumer groups who are demanding the brand remove certain chemicals in their baby care line.  These chemicals have been proven dangerous and even cancer-causing.  Thankfully just like the battle with BPA in bottles, the company has acknowledged the controversial and dangerous ingredients and have pledged to remove or curb dramatically the amounts found in their products.  Everyone knows how sensitive and delicate a baby's skin is, but did you know that baby's skin absorbs faster than an adults and what you put on it can enter their bloodstream within 25 seconds?  When I first read these studies, I was both shocked and thankful.  We've only used baby care products with all-natural ingredients since Buddy Doo was born.  As with anything, the longer you continue bad habits the harsher the effects; make the change today and switch to the all-natural, gentle, and hypoallergenic products by Seventh Generation!

(check out all of those bubbles!)

The Seventh Generation Baby Bathcare collection includes their bubble bath, foaming baby shampoo and wash, and baby shampoo and wash.  Buddy Doo loves his bubble baths.  I can't stress that enough, Buddy Doo LOVES his baths.  So much, that if it isn't bubbly, he doesn't want anything to do with it.  Luckily, Seventh Generation's bubble bath wasn't stingy on the bubbles....and Buddy Doo didn't want to get out until his toes and fingers were all wrinkly!  The first thing I noticed about all six of the baby care products was the wonderful scent.  Before I even looked at the ingredients I knew the fragrant notes were refreshing grapefruit and mandarin.  I love that about all-natural products...there's no guessing, no 'strangeness'; the fragrance is easily identifiable because the smells are what you naturally smell everyday in the produce section of your local farmer's market or grocery store.  Both the foaming and regular baby shampoo & wash are tear-free so I didn't have to worry when Buddy Doo starting splishing and splashing.  If some got in his eyes, you wouldn't have known it!  Since he's teething and constantly knawing on his fingers, its nice not worrying about him getting any in his mouth either.  The foaming gives big, foamy bursts with each pump so you won't have to keep pumping to get more either.  I always felt like the foaming versions were a waste because you never got enough in one go, but this time I was proven wrong!  Right now due to the cold weather, the psoriasis on my hands has flared up terribly.  Psoriasis is basically cuts and gashes all over your skin and can be very painful.  The extra virgin olive oil in the Baby Bath Care collection let me thoroughly enjoy bath time again (and pain-free!) with Buddy Doo, and as a mom who also enjoys his bath times I can never be thankful enough for that.

-light, fresh scent
-USDA Certified Biobased 97%
-No parabens, phthalates, or synthetic fragrances

The Seventh Generation Baby Skin Care collection includes their body lotion, diaper cream, and baby sunscreen.  I'm addicted to their body lotion.  It is the creamiest, softest, and best smelling lotion I have ever received for Buddy Doo.  He loves his baby massages that much more because the lotion just seems to glide ever so gently over his skin.  Sounds silly, but until you have actually tried it you won't understand what I'm talking about.  The extra virgin olive oil makes a tremendously difference and thankfully they make an adult version!  We have a bottle downstairs, upstairs in his nursery, and in his diaper bag.  If there was only one product you could splurge on from Seventh Generation, I would highly recommend their baby body lotion!

Body Lotion
-USDA Certified Biobased 85%
-No parabens, phthalates or synthetic fragrances
-Gluten free

We cloth diaper, but when Buddy Doo goes down the street to visit his aunt and cousins he wears disposables.  I don't have a lot of experience with diaper cream as a result, but this one is significantly better than the two I've tried previously.  The other two were thick....both coming out of the tube and the layer it coated Buddy Doo's bum with.  The magical extra virgin olive oil makes this diaper cream smooth, light, and noticeably skin-softening.  The Seventh Generation formula combines sooting minerals with 100% biobased moisterizers so your baby's skin stays soft while also creating a natural shield against wetness.

-USDA Certified Biobased 100%
-No parabens or phthalates

We live in Louisiana which means we appreciate food and get-togethers.  I graduated from the college known for its tailgates, so of course we couldn't pass up the first crawfish boil of the season since Buddy Doo was born!  We kept all of the babies inside mostly, but I knew occasionally we would be outside and with it being a beautifully sunny day I made sure to pack some baby sunscreen in our diaper bag.  Seventh Generation knows how sensitive baby's fragile skin is even to indirect sunlight.  Their sunscreen has a somewhat woodsy/piney smell and was easy to apply.  Thicker than their lotion, I was able to rub it onto Buddy Doo's skin gently and also see where I had already applied.  The sunscreen is non-absorbing so that the mineral sun-filters stay on the skin for protection.  Its broad-spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays can be used by the whole family!  It is everything you want in a sunscreen for baby: water-resistant, SPF 30, gentle, and can be used on both the face and body without agitation.  With summer fast approaching, make sure to grab some sunscreen!

-contains no chemical sunscreens
-light, fresh scent
-free of parabens
-free of PABA
-SPF 30
-made with extra virgin olive oil
-retains SPF for up to 80 minutes of water activity

If you read the ingredients in all of the products you introduce to your baby, you'll get a 'kick' out of the ingredients found on all of Seventh Generation's products!  In the list of ingredients you'll find 'Love, Compassion, & Care'.

Buy it: You can purchase the Baby Bathcare or Baby Skincare collection at Seventh Generation's website here, or at your local Target superstore!  It doesn't stop there, though.  Seventh Generation has all-natural kitchen, bathroom, laundry, baby, personal care, and free & clear collections so you can make the change to better ingredients throughout your household!

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  2. I love all the 7th Gen products. We have been using the diapers and wipes on all 3 kids. We also use the dishwashing liquid