Wallums Wall Decals (Review & Giveaway ~ 2 Winners)

About Wallums:
Wallums is a small business run by a couple with an incredible entrepreneurial drive. Steve and I [Michele] are a quiet couple located in the funky little city, Sebastopol, California. Vinyl Decals have become a rather strange passion of ours... We love creating dynamic spaces that don't require a lot of work or money and decals can make any space amazing!

My family and I live in an apartment, and even though it is labeled as a "luxury apartment" all of the walls are all white.  There is no way we can paint our living room, because we have cathedral high ceilings since we have a loft upstairs. So since we can't paint, wall decals are perfect for us! Looking at Wallums.com there are so many cute and modern designs it was hard to choose what exactly I wanted to review. There were some really cool ones that I would have loved, but they were all or mostly white, which would look perfect on color painted walls. So whether you have white or colored walls, Wallums Wall Decals has something for every room in your home!

I decided to get the "Love is Patient Wall Quote Decal"

  • Decal has a matte finish to reduce light reflections and look more natural.
  • Easily removable without any damage to the surface.
  • Designs are made of the highest quality interior safe wall vinyl.
  • All of our vinyl wall decals are produced in the U.S.A.
  • Easy to Install. Comes with detailed instructions and test decal.

I received everything in one box including my wall decals, 2 small sample wall decals to test on my walls before I do my actual big wall decal, a squeegee, and detailed instructions.

When I first glanced at the instructions, I became a little overwhelmed at first thinking "oh this might be harder then I thought". But, after I read through all the instructions and looked at the pictures I realized, oh this is going to be easy and I can actually do this all myself and not need a helper. I really love that the instructions have step by step pictures along with the wording because I am a visual learner.

So since my wall decals came in two pieces making it easier to apply them to my wall, I started out by putting on the LOVE decal. Now, in the instructions it says to use painters tape. I do recommend using painters tape, but I only had duck tape, another adhesive tape and regular Scotch tape, so I used Scotch tape. After getting my LOVE decal tapped onto the wall, I simply peeled down the back of the white backing paper. Once that was peeled off {half way down my LOVE decal}, I cut off the backing paper {half way down}. I was then able to take my squeegee and carefully smooth the top of my LOVE decal onto the wall. At this point, the top half of my wall decal is applied to my wall {Letters V & E}. Next, I took off the final paper starting at the corner of letter "E" and working my way down.

Once I got down past my "V" on the decal, I cut off the paper that I pulled down. I then repeated the last 3 steps mentioned and finished putting on my "O" and "L".

{Using the squeegee to ensure no air bubbles show}

I then did all of those steps with my second large decal that I placed to the right of my LOVE decal. The process was so simple! The hardest part, which was really not that hard at all, was making sure the decals were on straight. Below is my finished product!

{Close up}

I placed this Wall Quote over our couch in our living room and I absolutely love it!! It adds extra flair to our living room and makes our living room not so boring with all our plain white walls! :)

Overall, I recommend getting your wall decals at Wallums.com. The process was so easy online. Everything from choosing the colors I wanted on my Wall Decal, customizing the size and checking out! And I didn't have to wait long at all for my order to arrive at my home.

Buy It: You can go to Wallums Website and buy your own "LOVE is Patient Wall Quote Decal" for $39.99 There are also so many other quotes and pictures and themed wall decals, so go take a look!

Win It: Two lucky readers are going to win a $25 Gift Certificate to Wallums.com by entering through the Rafflecopter below. Open to US residents ages 18+  Giveaway ends on 3/16 at Midnight.

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  6. Vinyl decals for walls make it easy to decorate any space. People often use wall decals because they capture themes that are important to the people who live in a particular space. Wall decals are easy to blend with any decorating theme. People who live in apartments can find the right match for their tastes without much hassle

  7. I really love this "love" quote decal, and it looks so great on the wall.