~ The Best Discounted Hotel Deals {Review}

When going on a family vacation, I am one of those people that look for every discount possible, and ways to save in every area including lodging, food, attractions, travel etc. I recently came across the website travel and was amazed at how much cheaper they are compared to BIG named discounted hotel websites. Every single destination I looked up, the listed hotels that were the cheapest and best deals were by far through Travel Pony.

About (adapted from is a brand new hotel booking website with everyday prices that are often 10-70% below the big travel sites. At when customers login with their Facebook ID, they unlock preferred pricing and some of the best deals around on hotels. TravelPony has launched over 20 markets with over 2,000 top hotel partners, making it one of the best sites to get a deal and book a hotel room.
For my review, I was given $200 in Travel Credit to shop around on TravelPony and book a hotel. My husband and I thought of several places that we would love to go spend a weekend at, and ended up choosing Gettysburg, PA. We have never been there, but have heard a lot of great things about Gettysburg.

TravelPony has a very easy website to search and navigate through. I entered Gettysburg, PA in the city search engine, the dates we wanted and how many adults there would be (2 adults). Quickly, a list of hotels popped up and the first thing that I noticed was the compared savings. Every hotel listed was cheaper than other big named brand discount hotel websites, plus the actual hotel's website. I ended up choosing a chain hotel that was listed at $95 a night, when on Expedia and Travelocity it was listed at $135.95 a night. Great savings when not including tax!

Checking out the room was very easy, and I received an email right away confirming my hotel booking. The cancellation policy is very nice-- depending on the hotel, you typically have 24-48 hours prior to your booking date to cancel your hotel stay and get fully refunded.

Real screenshots of REAL deals!!!

Aren't those great savings?! I really don't think you'll find better deals anywhere else!!

Now let's talk about Travel Points... what are they? Travel points (dollars) are reward points that go towards your next hotel booking. TravelPony rewards you for sharing your hotel savings/bookings with your family and friends! You get a personal URL to share with your friends and family and when they sign up for a free TravelPony account, you receive $25 in Travel Points while they receive $35 Travel's a win win for both of you!

I definitely recommend you using Travel Pony for all of your hotel bookings! They are a little limited in the areas and cities they have hotels in since they are a newer website, but they are constantly adding new cities to their website and there is even an area you can request cities. They want to know where you and others want to stay so they can add hotels for you!
The prices at TravelPony are by far the best I have seen, and I am so excited I was introduced to this website. It's safe, easy to use and they have amazing deals! Go check out TravelPony now! If you use this link, you will receive $35 in Travel Credit!

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Disclosure: I received free Travel Credit in order to facilitate my review of All opinions are my own and may differ from those of yours. The link above is a personal referral link. If you choose to sign up for a free account, you will receive $35 in travel credit and I will receive $25 in travel credit for referring you.

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  1. I will definitely be checking this out, when we plan our 10 yr anniversary getaway in a few months. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I think it's ever so important to have that cancellation policy. I had to cancel a reservation not long ago and getting any portion of the money back was a nightmare. I'll not bee using their service again. Thank you for sharing this info.!

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    Michelle F.

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