Medical Insurance in Colorado


How to Pay the Bills with Your Medical Insurance in Colorado

  1. Present Your Insurance Card – Before you avail of any type of medical service, present your insurance card to the doctor or facility providing you with medical care. This will make it clear to them that you are paying with an insurance provider and will allow you to verify whether or not they are an in-network service provider. It’s important that you perform this first step as there might be certain protocol your provider needs to perform to be able to honor your insurance claim. The last thing you want is to realize mid-procedure that they don’t accept your particular insurance provider.
  2. Make the Co-Payment – If there are co-payment terms in your policy, this would be the time to answer for it. Usually, this is a fixed value that you and your insurance provider should have agreed upon during the creation of your insurance policy. Once you’re able to receive medical services, you should pay the copayment fee from your own pocket.
  3. Bill the Insurance Provider – If you’ve already paid off the entire value of your deductible, you can tell your doctor or healthcare provider to bill your insurance company for the services you availed of. If your doctor does not do this, then you might have to perform this step yourself. Detail exactly what services you availed of, who you got the services from, and how much everything costs.
  4. Wait for a Response – Once you’ve billed your insurance company, you should expect a response from them within the next few days. The document they send you will contain information regarding the coverage your purchased from them, if your claim falls within acceptable boundaries, how much your doctor charged, how much your insurance provider is agreeing to pay, and how much will come out of your own pocket as coinsurance.